April 10, 2015

Garden gals Snow again beginning of growing season, tomato plants

 This saying fits me so very well.

I am linking to a great site. Lots to see there.

It will soon be time to set out the garden gals.

 Thursday April 9th 2015. Looked out at around 9:30 p.m. and it was snowing. Those big beautiful flakes that you like to see on Christmas eve NOT in April. It is gone this morning and the sun is shining.
My Lilly this year came from Mernards, around  $4.50. It is really one of the best lillys I have had. The fragrance is really filling the house . The other 2 buds should be open today and tomorrow..

We have over 100 tomato plants in the cups. I looked to buy 4 inch plastic pots but could not find any so cups had to work. So far so good. I have lots of pepper plats to transplant today.
I original tomato plat seed I bought last year is in the laundry room.They will have to go into bigger pots too.

ornamental pepper plants and more seed geranium plants

Peppers from saved seed.

seed geraniums with buds.

tomato plants from purchased 2014 seed.I love the start of the growing season. Have a great weekend. j


Jean Campbell said...

"Snow" and "April" are two words that one would not pick out of a group of words that 'go together.'

I love seeing seedlings. Are the plastic starter pots at Dollar Tree a little smaller than you need? 4.5" x 4" -- I use them for many things. You can order online if you need lots of them but you get a mixed case of those and 3" x 3/5.

Hardin County Keepsakes said...

Thanks jean.