December 5, 2014

Primatives on the porch.

I like some primitives and have some on my front porch. This year I decided to decorate using things I have. Not a lot of lights (saving on the power bill). Usually I do the traditional decorating with the wreaths and roping. This year we are trying to save $ so no real roping. It went from .69 a foot to $1.00 a foot. Call me cheap but I need lots of feet so nope not paying that.The first 5 pictures are of,how the porch looked, other years.

 Here is the porch decorations for 2014. The south end of the porch has an old wooden file cabinet.I store garden things in it. The piece of slate on top was from an old school house.The wreath is one I picked up this year at the local church bazaar. $1.00. I thought the musical themed ribbon just went with the God shed his grace on thee. Now you will be singing that song all day long.
The nest is one a robin made on the down spout a couple of years ago.

The metal table and shelves hold a variety of things, Big pine cones on the top shelf ,a corn dryer hanging on the left.The rest is just stuff I like and added to the shelf. I can leave most of the things all winter.

 The roses are from our 50th anniversary.I am hoping they will freeze dry.
 The big colander, just has pine cones this year. The dried piece I brought back from a trip to AZ.

This nativity has been the decoration on the porch for many years. The reason for the season. I will add some lights around the wreath and the nativity. I need to get into the attic to get them.
Love the smell of ever green.
 This fern stand is to the left of the front door.
This is a small shrub I bought late in the fall. I bought 2. We will plant them in the spring but they work great for Christmas trees.
 The snowmen on the table to the right of the front door. The whole  porch(this year) is a hodge podge of things I like. The evergreen adds the Christmas smell and the touch of green. It all makes me smile. Merry Christmas. It will be here and gone very soon. j