August 10, 2014

Good weekend

Our daughter and her son came for the weekend. We tried a new recipe using a large head of cauliflower Mr.T grew. I forgot to get a picture. It was 12 inches across. The heads did not look like the snow white ones in the store. He tied the leaves up but the rain knocked them off. Cauliflower starts to turn a bit purple and is a off white. Any way the recipe is here
The steamed cauliflower is grated very fine. We mixed and spread on a well greased baking stone. Then baked. Buttered the top then cheese. Cut and eat! Oh so good.

 Cam was into having sweet corn for lunch. Along with BLT's, with tomatoes from their garden.The first tomatoes of the year are always so good.
Papa and Cam in the shop husking/shucking the corn.

Eating is the best part.

Ziva loves for Cam to visit.

Their time here is always to short. School shopping was on the list for today in Ames. Doesn't seem possible that school starts in 2 weeks.
Hope your week is special. j

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