March 3, 2014

Winter birds and quilts.

This past week was brutality cold. 20-30 below. I am thankful to have a warm home. I did a lot of bird watching and quilting. Well actually piecing . I found some partially made pin wheel blocks. I decided to sew them together. I am pleased with the way they went together. I have improved with getting straight lines but as you can see I did not do so well separating the same color blocks. I laid it out and pinned together the rows but some how the reds got side by side. Oh well it is not perfect but as I have said before none of my quilts will ever be perfect.The birds are very busy at the feeders. We have about 6 sparrows in this flock that have a lot of white feathers as you can see in the bottom pictures. I have never seen this before this year. Besides several varieties of sparrows we have a pair of downy woodpeckers,2 pair of cardinals,a pair of doves, finches and 5 (dam)squirrels.That come to the feeders. They are all camera shy. Spring will come. Just a few more weeks and we will be able to work outside. I planted my geranium seeds. Stay warm. have a great week.j

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Judi Hunziker said...

Beautiful quilt! I too love to watch the birds at my feeders, they really are so dependant on us for food these cold winter days.