November 14, 2013

Harvest,/Quilt retreat

It has been a busy couple of weeks.Harvest time is a very busy and dangerous time. One day it occurred to me that over the past 45 years I have never ridden with Mr.T. when he was working. He keeps talking about retiring. It might be my last chance so I went out to find out how he runs the catch cart during the fall harvest. There were bunnies and a coyote that ran out of the field. For those who live in the cities and really have no clue food does not come from the grocery store. It starts out  in farm fields all over this great country. It was interesting to see. Here are a few pictures.

 The catch cart.Runs along the side of the combine. The corn is dumped on the cart then the corn is transferred from the cart to a truck.Mr.T is busy when running the catch cart. I enjoyed spending the time with Mr.T.  He loves this job.

Last week I attended a quilt retreat.It was a fun time.We made some fun useful things but I can't share because they are Christmas presents.
Those attending the retreat were from Mn. and Ia.The food was great.It has taken me all week to recuperate.Thanks to Jan for hosting a great retreat. j

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