July 2, 2013

Ottumwa trip

We had Sydney for a visit and decided to go camping closer to where Cam lives so he could camp with us. Well it did not turn out so well.
Rain and heat are not fun when camping.
Thank goodness Bec took a couple of days off. The kids like her house better than the camper.She had wifi.
Ziva loves camping.No matter if it rains or not.A view from the RV.The canada geese were there in the mornings early.

 We got to see Grandson Mason. He had an accident the night we got there. We did not know until the next day.He had to have surgery to repair a cut tendon on his pointer finger. Cut it on a storm window. 8 Weeks in a cast. Not good. It was good to see him.It had been way to long. When grands grow up they get lives of there own and it is hard to get together. Hard when we don't get to see them.


Ziva just hanging out.She is big enough now to get on the RV sofa by herself.


 Max and Ziva meeting Oh man he is big.Both tails wagging .Good to see.Hope you all have a great 4th.

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