March 24, 2013


We took a road trip this past week. We drove to Burlington. Took a look at the Mississippi. A different kind of bridge,the train that is on display.

 I think this bird is a sea gull.Not sure but it was there in the parking lot and not a bit afraid.

 On the way we stopped at a rest stop and off in the distance What did I see? A robin the first for me of the season.

 We went to stay over night with our daughter and her son Cam.They were surprised.We had not seen them since Christmas and needed a kid fix. Here he is ready for school. Boy they get on the bus early.

What a good trip.Nice to be retired so we can just take off when we want. It was Mr.T's birthday and it was a nice sunny day both days we were gone. It does not take a lot to make us happy. We did a bit of shopping. Had a good meal. What could be better.My re-potted shamrock plant is blooming .
Have a good week. And a wonderful Easter.Spring really is on the way.j

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