February 19, 2010

Ice/winter and projects

Wow! time is flying by again here it is the 19th of Feb already.The last week has been cold, snowy and dreary.I treated my self to a table runner for the buffet.Just to perk up my spirits.
A girl has to do that once in a while.

I have been working on a couple of things.One is a quilt wall
hanging by Sherri K. Falls called simplicity.It was in kit form.I'd not done a kit before.Makes it easier when the fabrics are all picked in the colors I like.

The other project was curtains and hot pads for a friend.I will get pictures to share this weekend.

We have a big project started.The family/big room will once again be mine.It started out as my greenhouse then was made into a family room which became the MAN cave for Mr. T. after the kids all moved out.We have about 6 weeks to complete the move.There will be lots of sorting an organizing in 3 rooms.
Because of the possibility of spring floods I am bringing up as much of my sewing supplies as possible into the big room.This winter we have had the most snow ever in Iowa since 1886.When it all melts and the spring rains start I have no doubt that we will again have water in our basement.In 1998 we had a horrible mess with the flooding. I can not live through that again.Hauling out wet fabrics and all that goes with sewing.Then the cleaning and washing of fabric.We only had it in our basement. There were folks in Iowa that had it in their whole home.
It is something I can not even think about without feeling ill.

The man cave will now be in the back bedroom off the computer room.Mr. T will lose space but he will have his tv, his pc, a day bed and his big bean bag.He will be happy and so will I.This whole process means moving bedroom sets, around, up stairs and down.Tomorrow is the day for doing that huge process.The small bed comes down the big set goes up.

We will build a wall in the open door way.It will allow me to shut off the new sewing room.We can turn the heat down when I am not out there.I am looking forward to having a lot of space and have been going through sites of studios and craft rooms to see what there is new.A friend sent me pictures of an ironing table they made.Isn't it fabulous!!!

Here is the site where you can buy something like they built.
Of course I will not buy it(not in my budget) we will make our own with this as inspiration.

The past week Mr.T. spent hours shoveling snow and knocking ice off the roofs.We have damage from water in the laundry area.Oh joy another project!! :>(
The picture is the ice that has formed just in about 4 days.

Winter has never been a bother to me.I do not mind it but this year we have had no break.No thaws , no glimpse of warmer weather. I feel bad for those that have to go out each day.Mr. T. is not a complainer but this year has even gotten to him.

I do count our blessings each day even with the bad weather. Our friend Dave is very ill with cancer and it makes us very aware that each day is a gift we should not waste.My Aunt has found she also has lung cancer.
Another friend's sister is stranded in Africa.Her passport has been stolen and she has had malaria.Her job ends and she has not prospects of employment.

We pray that God's will be done for each of us.

Have a good weekend where ever you are.

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