January 13, 2010

Doll Hands

Doll hands have always given me trouble.I should say vintage doll hands. The wired hands I used to do for the art style dolls were easy.
Getting the right chubbiness the right finger length to the thumb is harder than you would think.At least for me.

Today I was doodling with a Columbian face,(Yes--- I keep trying even though I know I can never get it just the same.)
And gave drawing a hand another try. This one just may have possibilities.I will cut one out stitch it up and see what it looks like in fabric.Stay tuned. Those dolls *need* arms and legs.

I may do a 2 part arm to see if it works any better than the one piece.

I emptied out my booth Sunday.I read about all the different gals with booths in antique shops.How do you make it?
The economy is just not good enough to pay the rent and make anything for the work.I sold but just not enough.
I will take it to the 2nd hand store and sell there.
Look out Carol I will be there with my treasures soon as it gets a bit warmer.

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