December 8, 2008

christmas decorating/baking/gifts

well i've started the christmas decorating. i am never done.the weeks fly by and the things i plan on getting done don't seem to get done. there are pictures on my webshots pages of the decorating i have done so far.the sled is tom's childhood sled.i painted it a couple of years ago.this stands by the front door.the shalk of wild grasses i gathered for the fall decorations but could not throw it out so i added a bow.the front porch decoratinons is pretty primative.
sunday after church we delivered 2 of the christmas plates. i wanted our friends to be able to use the gifts for this holiday.they are easy gifts to do.the plates i have been gathering since fall gluing them onto chunky candle holders.these will also make a great bird feeder after christmas.
there are more to deliver but they will have baked goods on them.
yesterday i made a batch of pumpkin bread and a batch of pumpkin muffins.
i had purchased a real pumpkin to make the table center piece for the festival of tables. i didn't use it and hated to throw it away so i cooked it up and used fresh pumpkin in the bread and muffins. oh my what a difference it makes in flavor and texture.of course there are already missing muffins.oh so good warm.

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