June 7, 2008

posting again

It has been a while since i posted.We have had terrible weather in Hardin co.Rain, hail and tornadoes.
A few weeks ago it rained 6 1/2 inches in a few hours sending water up the drains in our basement.My sewing rooms are in the basement.Not good.We are still cleaning up and organizing.
I am to the point where I scrubbed the floors with disinfectant.We are still concerned about the black mold.
The bad thing is it keeps raining.Everyday this next week the weatherman says more rain.The streams,rivers and fields are flooded.
Water standing where i have never seen it before.

On a positive note. I feel everything happens for a reason and maybe the reason for this is so I get the sewing rooms cleaned and organized so I can get back to sewing and creating.Just a tip. Do not stack totes if you think there is a chance of water.Totes float but if they are stacked they tip over and spill everything into the water.
I washed and dried 52 loads of fabric after we got 2 feet of nasty water up the drains.

My job at the flower shop will end the last day of June.Another blow but perhaps it is to give me more time to do that creating in the clean and organized sewing rooms.I really enjoyed the job but the poor economy has hit hard here.
I read today on how little the government money give away,for most, is going to food and gasoline,Not to the extras.Ours went to pay my hospital bills.
Thank god for the $.
I am hoping I will be able to post a few dolls and other keepsakes for sale here on this blog.
Life here is not all gloom and doom. we have our health.The gardens are looking great.Our oldest son will be here next week from Fl. for his class reunion.I have not seen him in 3 years.Our town celebration is next weekend .We are hoping for good weather.
Well enough for this post. I am hoping to do better.

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