April 22, 2013

Canada geese./birthday

It was birthday time for Cam and Aunt Joanna. Cam shared his cake. It was good Joanna, I ate your piece.I tried to get the colors of the candles fire. Flame was the color of the wax. 

While we were there Cam and Papa made a pair of walking sticks from some of the curly willow trimmings. 

Of course there was the bonding with the new puppy. Cam and Ziva had a great time. A puppy learning to pull his off socks is very funny to an 11 year old.

On our way home from a visit to our daughters we stopped at  a shopping center.There in the parking lot were a pair of canada geese. One sitting on the nest the other sitting guard in the parking lot.For years seeing a canada goose was rare.Now they are common and some times annoying.Hope your week is a great one.j

April 16, 2013

Playing outside

 So much fun.A sunny day. A bit warmer. Tree trimmings to chew, New sights,smells and sounds. Poor little girl was worn out today.

April 15, 2013

New puppy.

We have our new puppy. It seemed like a long wait.We saw her at 3 weeks. We picked her up at 7 weeks one day.  She is a sweet heart. Her name is Ziva. She is doing really well with house training.
Well actually Mr.T and I are doing really well with remembering to take her out. Funny thing about training a dog. The pets people do all the work.
She rides well in the car, which is a good thing because we plan to do some traveling and camping with her,if the Iowa weather ever warms up. It has been a challenge to take her out when it is raining and cold. Not so much for her as for her old people.
It has been a long time since we had a new puppy.The last one we still had kids at home that I could say take out the puppy. Now it is all on us. Not complaining because she already has our hearts.
It is taking much time and I seem to not get much else done. Feed the puppy,play with the puppy, take the puppy out. By then it is nap time.  Not much else getting done but the basics. meals,dishes and laundry. I really would like to do some sewing.We will see how the week goes.
Hope you all have a great week. Stay warm. j

April 9, 2013

New floor in the RV

This past week was a busy one. Getting ready for the camping season. The weather will get warmer. Sooner rather than later would be good but we take it as it comes. Mr.T. decided to put in a new floor in the motor home. Like any other project it was a bit more than he thought but, all the floor is down.We will get the trim this week and finish soon.It is beautiful. Good job Mr.T.
                                                             Hall to the back.

taking out the old vinyl in the front where it was loose
the under floor was stained but solid. Looks like some one( previous owners) left the windows open to a heavy rain.We will put the table back in after trim is down.

April 7, 2013

4 legged friends

Over the last year and a half we have lost all our 4 legged friends. 2 cats and 2 dogs.  They had all been with us a long time. When Boone died in January I said no more.I can't be this sad again. The hurting heart was more than I remembered having when our first sheltie died.Maybe because the kids were still home and my attention was on other things. When I lost lady I thought I would never love another as much but that was not the case. Our Penny was as special. I bought Boone to keep her company. He was not as smart but wormed his way into our hearts too.
We both had dogs when we were kids and have had dogs through the years but my shelties have been a special breed for me.


Bouncer and Sissy.

We will soon have a new 4 legged friend. Her name will be Zeva. Mr. T named her after a character in his favorite tv show. NCIS. This picture is when we went to meet her. She was just 4 weeks then. It has been a long wait. I am sure you will get tired of seeing baby puppy pictures. We are picking her up on Wed. Mr T has always been working when we got a new puppy so he is in for a new experience.We talked a long time about the expense,the time and the care it takes with pets.

We are looking forward to camping with Zeva this summer. I love training shelties. They are very good listeners. She will be crate and clicker trained. There will be a new dog park soon we will have to visit. Have a great week.j