May 27, 2012

Remember those who serve./little sewing

It has been a busy time. Summer is here weather the calender says so or not. Record highs predicted. It is 90 degrees. To hot for me! I will be getting back to sewing.
There has been little of that. The yard and gardens have taken up our time.I did help a friend by doing the binding on a baby quilt. My favorite part of quilt making.
The peonies are blooming. It would be nice if they lasted a bit longer. The lilies are starting to bloom.
Not much to blog today.Hope you all are enjoying good weather. Have a great week.
Remember those that serve and have served to keep us free. j

May 21, 2012

Camping/Trip to Mn.

What a good time we had going to visit our youngest daughter and her family.
Hallie had her last high school concert.
It was very good. The music teacher and his professor composed a piece in memory of their fathers. The professor was there for the concert.We had a chance to meet him after the concert.

Hallie, her dad and the professor.

On the way back to Iowa we stopped to stay over night at our friends.Sharon has a bird feeder by the porch.As we were sitting there a couple of hummers came to feed.I got several good pictures.

 We camped along the Mississippi river in a very nice camp ground. the weather was cold the first night but the day temps were great.
 The view was great.


May 10, 2012

New water feature

I got a better picture of the water feature I made for the patio area.It is so nice to listen to while we sit in the screen porch.All things I had and really needed to do something with them. We are working on downsizing things. If it does not have a use it needs to live somewhere else.I was going to make a shelf out of the door in the back garden area but it worked out here. My little Japanese maple got hit by the frost but is recovering nicely after a bit of trimming.

Yesterday I had a very nice surprise from our good friends Larry and Mikki .Larry made me a birthday present.I love hand crafted gifts and get very few.This one we will use often while camping.

While I was out I took a few more pictures of flowers in the yard.The Hallie Anna vine is just starting to bloom.I wish you all could smell how wonderful it is .It is also under the screen porch windows.Double enjoyment. the sound of running water and the scent of the blooming flowers.

 The clematis is blooming. Also the bleeding heart and strawberries.

Mr.T Brought me some rocks from the farm to add to our front water feature. 

If you are ever in our area stop and sit a spell.
Have a great weekend.j
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May 8, 2012

Spring /plants

I took a few pictures of things we have been working on in the patio/yards/porch.I finally brought out most of the plants I wintered over. We got 2 more water features set up. The weather has been beautiful. It is cool today but better,for me, than hot humid. On the porch,bamboo water feature in a copper boiler, ferns, begonias, airplane plants.

In the patio area we added an old hand pump to a big pot filled it with water a small electric water pump .A piece of an old door a little wreath and water feature.!It is outside the screen porch windows.The sound of the water is so nice.


 Moss on the fire brick.
More work to do have a good week.j