March 21, 2012

Checking in

I finished up 2 of the little quilts.

The broken dishes and the basket are from Kathleen Tracy's books. I did only one basket instead of 4. No time to do the 4.

We have been working in the yard and gardens.It took several days and worth it. Everything looks so good and getting green.Over night the tulips and daffodils grew a couple inches. Over night the leaves popped out on the curly willow and the bridal wreath bush (spirea).I am ready to plant garden but it is way to early for veg. gardens in Iowa. Our last frost date is May 15th.
I did bring a few plants out of the greenhouse.

 The ferns did very well in there this winter. I will take them in when it gets cold again.

 I cut some branches off the forsythia and brought them in a week ago. The bush is already in bloom.The spring rain has taken off some of the blossoms.I am linking to Tootsie Time,

I have had a few nights waking early in the morning. One morning I had a rose in my mind I decided to draw. Thought I'd share the sketch.

Mr T. wanted a cherry pie,with home made crust not bought at the store, for his birthday today. All went well until the last 5 min. and it ran over. He said no matter it will taste good. Have a great rest of the week and week end.j

March 3, 2012

New things make me smile

It is funny how a little something new can lift your spirits. New packages of seeds.
Changing out an old lamp shade for a new, buying a few new plants, and a new rug.Little things make me happy.

We did a bit of shopping the other day. I was in need of a new rug for the kitchen and was lucky to find one on sale. The lamp shade was found at goodwill. Yay for me, matches my valances perfect!
The plants were a spur of the moment.You know how it is.
The roses were so affordable who could pass them up? I plant them out side in the spring and have quite a collection of miniature roses that bloom all summer.
The fern was perfect for the bunny planter by the lamp. Treat yourself it feels good once in a while.j

March 2, 2012

Did you know

That you can use  the bottoms you cut off the onion and plant them to get new onions?
I did not know that until last week when reading blogs. So I tried it and it works! The brown skin are the starts from my winter onions. The one on the left in the picture is from the bottom of a store bought onion I used last week in chilli. The larger one in the center was our last garden onion that was pretty dried up.It is growing really well. I will use the greens for a salad.I am linking to

The marigold seed I saved and planted are starting to sprout.

I have been trying to use up the extra blocks I found in a tote in the basement and a few more from the broken dishes challenge.
Mr.T. is making progress on the wiring and plumbing for the new laundry room.
I need to do some shopping today for potting soil and a few more packets of seed.
Have a great weekend j