April 28, 2011

New dress and bonnet/seedlings

A Homespun bonnet and homespun checked bloomers.

 Here she is trying on a fancy bonnet.

$150.00 plus shipping.

The seeds have sprouted and we have a good stand of seedlings. More tomatoes than we will need.Will be sharing with others. The lavender and the pampas grasses look good.

I pray for those who have had flooding and tornadoes.
Hope you all have a storm free weekend.j

April 25, 2011

Signs of spring.

 I am linking to Outdoors Wed.

What a beautiful Easter day we had yesterday. Sun shining, very little wind, warmer than it has been for the last few weeks. It was a perfect day for egg hunts and spending time with family.
For us it was a day for remembering Christ, and spending time in our yard. There were so many signs of the promised spring.
The forsythia is blooming.
The first 2 asparagus shoots.
The rich black dirt of the newly tilled vegetable garden.
Tulips ready to burst open.
My first daffodil.
The last picture is of a tiny fern peony.My friend Carol gave me a tiny start last year.I did not think it made it but it surprised me.Nice surprise.
There is much more to do in the yard to make it beautiful but,yesterday, we get a good start with the cleaning. 
Have a great week.j

April 23, 2011

An Easter wish

To all my blog friends,
I wish you a Happy and Blessed Easter.
"Christ is risen!"j

April 19, 2011

Thunder snow

It is April 19th and we are having thunder snow. Do you believe it??? Will it ever end???I am not one to complain about the winter because I really do hate hot humid weather but enough already with the snow.j

April 18, 2011

Prom weekend

We made a trip to St. Micheal Mn. this past weekend to see our oldest grand daughter dressed for her first prom.We had planned to go on Friday in our motor home and stay the weekend but mother nature had other plans. That 4 letter word the chills us.SNOW. There was just a dusting in most areas but south of Fairbolt was  3-4 inches. Winter just does not want to let loose.

On our way we noticed the water was very high in the rivers.The far line of trees in the center of the picture is the river bank.

Many plans were made and changed but we got there in time to see her get her hair done. I had taken the tiara I wore 49 years ago to my prom and she had thought to wear it but decided not to have big hair so it did not work out. She did put it on so I could take her picture. The little neighbor girl though it beautiful and she put it on too.

Sydney the younger sister is the one who, found the dress Hallie chose, while they were dress shopping.It is beautiful.
 Here is the head piece she chose to wear.
 She is a heart breaker for sure. Beautiful!
Here she is with her handsome guy

It was so cold all the kids were shivering.

There were 182 in the grand march.What a wonderful day they had. I wish it would have been warmer but in 49 years Hallie will say boy was it cold on my junior prom.
They grow up so fast.
Have a great week everyone.

April 13, 2011

Spring/lots of pictures

I am linking to.  http://savvysouthernstyle.blogspot.com/Wow us Wednesday.

  It is over a week since I shared anything. I have been busy cleaning. Yard,gardens, porches,patio etc. The weather has been beautiful. I stopped at the greenhouses to see what is new. Of course I had to bring home a few things just to put in the greenhouse. There is nothing that smells better than purple petunias. Not all purple petunias,smell good, but they had the right ones yesterday. I try to put a pot by the steps so when people stop by they get that good welcome site and smell. Besides the hanging  baskets were on sale.The light shining on them today made them glow.
 My little roses I bought before Valentines day are budded and blooming. The cyclamen also is blooming again.This tiny space has brought me such joy through the years.As small as it is I can really pack a lot in there.I have planted some seeds and have a flat ready for more.

I have been working on the screened porch.It was really in need of a deep clean. Including scrubbing the wood floor.The floor is boards we bought at the auction when they remodeled the library. It was the shelving.
The little chair is in need of a redo but it is so comfy I will put that off for a while.

This porch looks out to the patio.In the winter we put plastic over the screen and that is still there for a while.Needs to be a bit warmer before we take it down, for now when the sun shines in it is so nice and warm. A great place to sit and eat lunch.

This space is where I have things I love but have no place for in the house.The things that don't match anything else. No room for my Hoosier cupboard so it is out there.

The blue cupboard is one of the original lockers from the Popejoy Iowa school.It is signed on the back by an Ingelbritisen. It is storage for my vases and pots on the right,table clothes etc on the left.

Also out there are my collection of baskets and picnic baskets, woven and metal.
Everything out there is old(except the little refrigerator.)Not antique but vintage. Including me.
So you can see nothing matches but I love it all so it will stay for a while..

The weather is going to get cold again but it will not stay. The garden is tilled and the strawberries are starting to stand up tall.The weeks are flying by. Enjoy everyday j

April 5, 2011

New to me and Come to the Party.

When at my favorite 2nd hand store today I found this hand made doily in the shape of a carrot. Do you love it?? It matches nothing, I have no pink, but it is great for the Peter Rabbit planter.

Come to the party.

We were invited  to share our favorite cupboard. I have more than one favorite so this is a long post.
We have lived in our home for 39 years. It has had make overs and many remodels. The last kitchen redo has made it my most favorite room. Taking out a wall and adding a breakfast bar allows me to visit when I am cooking and others are in the dining area. If you care to see I have redo pictures in my web shots albums.
While looking at the blogs that are listed on Note songs--- It's time for the heart of the home party--- I saw some that listed a Welsh cupboard. I had no idea I had one of those! When we redid I married 2 pieces together and ended up with a cupboard that looks like a Welsh cupboard. So that is what I will call it. It is where I decorate for the season. I can now see it from my sink.
Over the years I have found wonderful old cupboards. I will share a few.There are 8 in the house. There was one more that now is in our daughters home.
As you come in the front door there is a corner cupboard that belonged to Mr. T's parents. I have had it for over 40 years. It holds the candles in its base. Makes the entry smell really nice.

In the living room is the oak post office cupboard.It is a very tall piece.It holds all my Manhattan depression glass. I bought it for $100 at an auction many years ago. It  fits this house really well. If I didn't say so before the house is over 110 years. 

The next cupboard I found in the local funeral home garage.It was painted and full of garage stuff.I stripped it and found birdseye maple.It is the first cupboard I bought. It is in the computer room. Holds my pin cushion collection and stores lots.
The last is the china cupboard I bought for $7.00.Again it holds lots of stuff from my tiny dolls to the Wexford dishes Mother bought me in 1964.
Be sure  visit all the others that are sharing their favorite cupboard on Shelia's page.

April 4, 2011

RV remodel

We are finished with the remake of the back bedroom in the RV.
It is so perfect!

We have been working on it for a few weekends.When we bought this RV we thought the separate bedroom would be perfect for my sewing and sleeping needs.It was not. The bunks were to small and the table was made for kids to fit not a full size woman.

The front bed area is perfect for Mr. T.

So we went to work and changed things around. Good thing Mr. T is so handy. We cut down a headboard from my favorite 2nd hand store.Carol Ann's.
Mr.T. then mounted the light under the shelf of the headboard. So much handier than where it was before.

We took out the closet and moved it to the side wall from the back wall.
Put in a bigger bed platform with a bigger mattress.There is so much more floor space and storage.
Mr.T made sliding doors under the bed how cool is that???

All the little repair things are also done. I have to admit I got a little picky. Things just had to be done the right way or not at all.
So I filled all the nail holes. Did I ever tell you Paper Clay works really well for that? I worked on one piece of trim for over an hour to get it to fit just right.

The ugly green carpet is gone.
 The walls and everything are clean and we are ready to go!
I still need to make the new curtains this week.You can see the before and after pictures ,of the remake,on my web shots pages.

I will be hanging this wall quilt  in the bedroom.
Hope the weather is nice next weekend.
Have a great week.j