August 31, 2009

A Prim doll/Primative?

My sister sent me a couple of pictures of what people call prim dolls.I thought I'd try to make one.
Now my preference is an oil painted cloth doll .Vintage looking.1800 era.
The doll I made today is just ugly.I will share.But just so you know I do not make a habit of making ugly dolls.She is sort of a pumpkin head with a twist.She does like her corn husk doll.
Maybe she will grow on me but I doubt it.

What makes a doll prim? I have looked at lots of blog sites that are called prim.I have some things others would consider prim.I think they are just old.Don't get me wrong,I like some old things .Fact is I have a LOT of vintage things and a few real antiques.
I like to look at blogs with prim and colonial style decorating.But the furniture looks very uncomfortable with the straight backs.Then there is the very rustic primitive.?????My friend always says "we are all odd to each other"
When I see the magazine layouts with the new apartments trying to look old I can only think I hope that is not lead paint on all those chipped pieces people are using.
Now I have no certain style.I like STUFF all sorts of stuff -----not any one style. If I like it I find a place for it.
Eclectic would be a good word for our home.
My friends say they feel very at home here.That is what I like to hear.
I never have comments on my blog so I'm not sure anyone but Kate and Vicki read it.
I do like to blog.I'm not sure how to get more people to read my blog so I will keep blogging and looking at prim sites. Maybe I will make another prim doll.Maybe it will not be ugly.Thanks for reading.

August 30, 2009

patio fireplace

Mr.T got the fireplace done as much as he could.The next step is to stucco it.We went ahead and put a nice fire in it tonight.It works perfect.!!
I have had the chimenia for a while.It is very special to me.My Aunt M. sent it to me from Az.It now has a perfect place.I will use it for a candle or plant.No fire in it.
Today it was friends and family.Can't get any better than this.I am blessed.

Sunday morning breakfast.

I love to cook outside.!!Dave stopped by and we asked him to stay for breakfast.I called Betty (belongs to Dave).What a beautiful day.
We have a wonderful patio with a bbq pit.
Mr.T starts the wood to burn early on Sunday morning.By the time I get up and around the fire is perfect to start the sausage and bacon cooking.Along with hash brown with sweet onion,sliced tomatoes,toast and juice complete this mornings breakfast/lunch.This morning I tried a new recipe.
It is just *peachy*.

Called Peach fuzzy
6 oz. of lemonade concentrate
6 oz. 7 up(sprite)
1 1/2 small peaches.

Ok--------- this was the recipe I got, but I changed it.Because I had a large can of lemonade and didn't want to waste the !/2 peach.

In the blender I put 1/2 can of the lemonade concentrate added 1 1/2 cut up peaches.Blend.
pour in a pitcher repeat with the remaining lemonade and the remainder of the cut up peaches.I then added 2 cans of sprite(24oz) and ice.It is a very refreshing drink.Thanks Jan.

August 29, 2009

From the 50's

This is something to make you think about what is happening in our country.I have never been political.I have been a registered democrat for all my voting years.I do however think the democratic party has gone off the track and it is going to take many many voters to put it back and running to the destination we voters want it to be.The hurried health care bill is an example of what is a mistake.Why after so many years is it imperative that this bill be hurried through?I say take time to make sure it is really good for the majority.In my opinion it is the insurance companies and the pharmaceutical companies that need an adjustment.

August 28, 2009

Clark family reunion

A few weeks ago we had our family reunion on my mothers side of the family.It has been on going for 63 years.There are few that attend just first cousins and my mom.It is sad to think one day there will be no more Clark reunions.Jess and Emma Clark had 12 children.There are only 3 of them left.One of the oldest at 93 and the 2 youngest 2 girls.One is my mom.She is in the center of the picture.

August 27, 2009

dolls ,aprons and lunch

What a busy time it has been.The weather is changing.I love this cool misty weather, time for chilli.I made a double batch today.Fresh tomatoes make great chilli!!It is always better after it sits.
It has been a long time since I have made a doll.The past week No. 2 granddaughter was here.She is 9. We had projects.!!!Doing the projects with Sydney was such a good time.

The rag doll was a free pattern from
What a sweet doll.Can you tell Sydney likes pink?The 2nd doll was inspired by Mimi Kirchner's dolls.
Sydney wanted to make an apron for herself, a couple of dolls and an apron for her mom.
Mom's apron is reversible.The fall side is a preprinted panel.The John Deere side is fabric the girls chose for their mom.That way dad can wear the apron when he bbq's
The 2nd doll was inspired by Mimi Kirchner's dolls.

We were invited to lunch by her Grandma Janice on the last day she was here.What a beautiful smile!!
It was very good.We were at the local tearoom and ate in the court yard.It was a beautiful day.

With the change in weather I want to bring out my pumpkin collection.
Check back in a few days to see the changes. j


August 19, 2009

freezing corn

It has been several years since I have had corn to freeze.It was a beautiful day with a nice breeze and low humidity.In years past I did corn at night after the kids were in bed.Back then I did several bushels of corn at a time.Now I did just enough for the 2 of us.
Mr.T does like good Iowa sweet corn.
The smell of the cooking corn is a very good memory. Another memory is fresh green beans cooking in a canner. There is nothing better that the smell of tomatoes cooking in an open kettle.
Remembered smells bring back all sorts of memories.Yesterday while doing the corn the breeze through the window brought the smell of burning trash.You would not think that could bring a good memory but it did.When I was a child I went to stay with my aunt Annie and uncle Kenny.It was one of the few times I got to stay away from home with relatives.I remember playing bad mitten with the 3 boy cousins. We got to buy a new set at the five and dime store. The smell,from the window, allowed all the memories of the creek that ran beside the house and going through the woods to the neighbors that had lots of junk.Back then it was junk--- now it would be treasures for for the folks that repurpous.This neighbor burned constantly.
Memories of fresh mowed grass and eating Wheaties with chocolate milk.Hearing the train whistle and walking on a dusty gravel driveway. All good childhood memories.

August 17, 2009

summers end

The spring and summer have flown by.How does that happen? We went to the lake for a day of picnic and boating. It was a perfect day. Over cast so it was not so hot. The breeze was great.We sat and watched the young people ski.I love the flags.The picnic was really good. Thanks to Linda and Joe.

The girls came to stay last week.Oldest had to go home for commitments.While here we made a new purse.

The youngest and I have our week planned.Today we will be freezing sweet corn.

The weekend as busy again with the parade at Popejoy days.Popejoy is typical Small town USA! It was a little sad as it will probably be the last parade for this little town.So many small towns are dying.I'm not so sure progress is all that good when I see the small towns lose their post offices and local gas stations.
We worked on the patio fireplace and made progress.Youngest DGD loved using the power drill and helped Mr. most of the day.Stay tuned hopefully it will be completed this week.In the back ground you can see the patio furniture.I spray painted it all a flat black it was white.I need to make new cushions.Another thing for the to do list.Thanks for stopping by.j

August 5, 2009

garden club and flowers

Today was the garden club meeting and flower display.It is always fun to see what flowers everyone has in their gardens.
I took 3 arrangements.I had few flowers in bloom so we went ditch hunting yesterday afternoon.The solidago and queen ann's lace was in bloom. I found a nice stand of broom grass.
From my flower beds I had globe thistle,Mountain ash berries,
yarrow,zinnias, and amaranths.
It is always fun to put the flowers together.The arrangement with the grass will dry and I will leave it on the porch through the fall.

August 3, 2009

Monday morning

I have been blog hopping today.I find a lot of blogs with pictures of the bloggers decorated homes.Some are primitive, some colonial.There are those with the cottage look.Some are a combination of several.I am not really sure what our home decor would be called so we will call ours an eclectic mix.
I like a lot of things. My children would say that is an understatement.I love to re purpose things.I have been doing it most of our 45 years of marriage.Before it was fashionable to reuse, recycle, go green we were doing those things to be resourceful.
Collecting is a passion.I collect lots of things. I am going to try to share at least once a week some of my collections and pictures of our home.I have been told our home is very comfortable and that is a very nice compliment to me.We live all over this big old house and there are days I think I need to downsize my things.Then I think about it and decide I love my things and will keep them a little longer.I will start with my old hoosier cupboard in the corner of the dining area.The original color was a mint green and there is a tag on the back stating the original color.I left it that way for a long time but it just was not a color I liked.On this piece are things I treasure.The wooden plate is from my bibleschool daysI made it and gave it to my mother and father.It says Give us this day our daily bread.The collection of red handle kitchen tools,The clown cookie jar was the first cookie jar I bought at a tag sale in the 60's.In the back of the cupboard you can see a set of spice jars with red lids.They belonged to Mr's grandmother. Over the years I have dipped candles and they hang on the knobs.Do you remember when they packed cottage cheese in the aluminum bowls?In the far left corner in the back is the pitcher and glasses I drank from as a child.I remember my mom sending me to the Piggly Wiggly store to get the aluminum bowl or glass that was offered that week. There are many other memories in this cupboard,but this is enough for today.