June 28, 2009

Rhubarb cake

I have made 2 of these cakes in less than a week.They are delicious and so easy.The 2nd cake I forgot the sugar on the rhubarb until it was half baked.I sprinkled it on the top any way and it turned out fine.I'm not sure where I saw this recipe.I think it was on another blog but it may have been one my friend gave me.I did not show the whole pan because DH had already gotten into it.It was barely cooled.

Rhubarb cake
1-- Duncan Hines white cake mix. Mix as per box directions.put in greased 9 x 13 pan(I use glass)
4 --cups finely chopped rhubarb.Spread over cake.
1-- cup sugar.Sprinkle over rhubarb
1-- cup heavy whipping cream. Pour over sugar.
Bake 350 degrees for 1 hour
special note.In glass I bake at 325 degrees 1 hour.


The project that was going to be done by Alden days is done.Alden days was last weekend.Just to be fair to DH.The weather and mosquitoes made it impossible for him to finish.
Later it may have another wall and roof to make it into a pergola.Depends on how much the grape vines grow.
We took out an apple tree and needed shade for the hosta planted on the north side of this new wall/fence.

June 27, 2009

class of "64"

How can I possibly be having my 45th class reunion? Time seems to have gone and left me.
I want to write something profound but it just isn't going to happen.Writing is not something I do well.I like to blog but the way I write is the way I talk.

I can remember when I heard of people having their 25th or 35th reunions---thinking how old they must be.
I am not going to have my 45th and do not feel old.Well for the most part.Sometimes the aches and pains tell me just how old I really am.

This past week I have been gathering memories to share at the reunion.I am doing the decorations and thought pictures on the tables would be fun and some trivia pages of 1964.

I have my kindergarten class and first grade class snap shots.We have a great shop in town that can enlarge the photos and they are better than the original snap shots.
Eleven girls and 17 boys started at Blanch Stoddard school.Miss Shady was the kindergarten teacher and Miss Dress was the first grade teacher.Eight of the eleven girls went all the way through high school with me and at least 8 of the boys.

We had a circus production in kindergarten.I am in the back row 2nd from the end.

The local 4th of July celebration is always great.We are looking forward to a very fun weekend.

June 21, 2009

Fathers day

44 years ago our oldest son was born on father's day.That year Fathers day was June 20.Happy birthday Dan.
Happy Father's day Tom.Funny how what should be special days are not so special now with the kids all gone so far away.Back when they were home and when I was a child, breakfast in bed was a big thing for mom's and dad's on their special day. I remember sneaking down stairs to fix the bowl of cereal and toast(all I could do).Then going upstairs to our folks room.Of course they were still sleeping and very surprised at the attention(ya right I'm sure they were awake for an hour waiting for us to get things together.)As a kid we didn't have a lot of money to buy a present so making breakfast was our gift.My dad is gone now but the memories are there and special.

June 19, 2009

spinach and strawberries

We have the first picking of strawberries and spinach.I made a dessert from a few of the strawberries.Any one else like me and want to save them for winter.The first batch has been vacuum sealed.Ready for the freezer.

There is nothing tastes so good as fresh spinach.There was a time back when,as a child, I was visiting my Aunt Marian and Uncle Leonard that I did not think so.I was there for an over night visit and aunt M. put spinach on my plate.Now back then you had to eat what was put on your plate and like it or you got to eat it warmed for the next meal.I did *NOT* eat the spinach for supper or breakfast or lunch.I don't remember it but was told I cried "I want to go home."So aunt M. if you are reading this I do love spinach now.
The spinach is steaming and will also go in vac. bags to the freezer.
With the next batch of spinach and strawberries I will make a really good salad. stay tuned for the recipe.

It will be a busy day tomorrow.Alden days will be in full swing.Summer will go as fast as spring.Why is that it seems days go by so fast?
have a good evening

June 17, 2009

Birthday lunch and goodwill finds

It was a very nice day,spent with my friend Marilyn.She took me to lunch for my birthday which was back in May.This is the first we could get together.After lunch we stopped at the local goodwill.
Some days are better than others.I spotted a really cute baby doll.She needs her hair done but is in good shape.I found one more plain white corelle cup to go with the 7 I found last week.The plain white corelle was the first set of dishes I bought new after we were first married.I kept them until no. 2 son needed dishes a few years ago and gave them to him.I wished I had just bought him a set of new dishes and kept my original,I decided to replace them a few years ago.DD bought me a set for christmas but the cups are now mugs not tea cups.My set of plain white corelle is now complete.
The glass pieces i found are unusual.The tall piece has a pouring lip and reads 1qt.I believe it is old and is pressed glass,maybe american pressed cut.The tray is very heavy and not something I have ever seen.I think it probably had inserts for all the different divided spaces.I have several of the night water jars but can never pass up another.

I could not pass up the step stool either and wire swimming pool basket.I will make use of the spanish moss I brought back from Florida by lining the basket and planting it with annuals.

I did a little decorating in the entry.My patriotic bunny on the school bench and the uncle sam with the wall paper border trim on the wreath to the doll room.
I do miss my kitchen americana wall paper border.I can feel a redo coming on.I see i forgot to hang up the small wreath.A job for tomorrow.
Hope your day was a good one.judy

June 16, 2009

I won first place in my catagory!!!In the FOCD doll challenge.

Before we went on vacation I finished a doll for the focd yahoo group challenge.She is a big doll. 33".The voting is done and I won first place in my category.I am happy to have won.
She is made from Claire Pruitt's penny doll pattern.It is a great pattern.Very detailed with great pictures.
This doll knew who she wanted to be from the very beginning.
She is my Bohemian/hippie girl,Patches.I decided to make a paper clay face for this doll.I am no good with embroidery on doll faces.Give me gesso and oil paint and I do ok.A needle and thread not so good.
When I make and paint a doll I take lots of pictures.It is easier for me to *see* what is wrong and correct the wrong.In the first picture you can see the wrong on the face.Right cheek bone not high enough and the eye was droopy .An easy fix.

She has layers of clothes starting with the orange and black stripe bloomers.The skirt was fun. I did the piecing from colors I love.She also has a belt of the piecing.She will have her own quilt with these colors soon.
The tunic could be worn with the bloomers without the skirt.
Her vest was once going to be a coat for one of the grand daughters but I could not figure out the collar on the pattern I used. I am pattern direction challenged.it is hard to see the texture of the vest fabric.It is nubby.Not a heavy fabric.
The laces I used are mostly vintage/antique.
Her shoes are painted on then I sewed in the ties with lace at the top of the shoes.
Her hat was made by my sister,Lorna.Thanks sis.The flower on the hat is made from antique lace. Her hair is lama hair I got from a local lama owner.
In the beginning I wanted to make a scarecrow from this pattern but Patches had other ideas.
Thanks Claire for a really well done pattern.Thanks to all who voted for Patches.We are happy.
have a great day

June 15, 2009

garden project.

The weeks seem to fly by.We made a trip to mernards to by the supplies we needed to build a fence for the grapes to grow on and to give shade to the hosta garden.We took out a big apple tree last year and there is no shade where it is needed.I put up old shutters you can see to the right in the early spring picture.They did not fair well this past winter and have started to fall apart.DH got the 3 posts set in cement.he said the ground was really hard when he was digging that last post.Hopefully we will get this project done before Alden days this weekend.It will be a lattice fence.Looks like I need to get out the weed whip and do some trimming.Always something more to do.
have a good day.j

June 8, 2009

Busy spring

It has been over a week since my last blog.So much to do so little time.
We are playing catch up at home.The trip took me away at a time when I really needed to be working in the gardens.The garden club plant wale was Sat.I had nothing in pots ready to go so it was bare root in plastic bags.It all plants the same and everything I took sold. The sale was a success.The moneys will go to the new trail project in Iowa Falls.
We are recovering from the trip.Tom went right back to work and worked long hours to finish the spraying.Hopefully he will get off at 4 from now on.
We got the block wall removed and hauled out on Sunday.There is a lot of work left to do before we get our outdoor fire place finished. Hopefully it will be done by the 4th of July.
We relive the memories of our trip here are more pictures .These are pictures on the return trip starting with a picture of Dan and Iris's home.

We stopped at an information center wanting to know where there was a cracker barrel rest. The nice man sent us to a place called Patti's 1880 settelment.http://www.pattis-settlement.com/
I think it is one of the most enjoyable meals we have ever had.The setting was fantastic. We chose to sit outside to eat.There were 3 places to choose from
Patti's,Bill's and the outside.The history of the place.it was started in 1977 as a hamburger/ice cream parlor.It reminds me of the botanical center.As you walk the paths around the next turn is something more to see.Lush plants streams and water falls.Shops,a wedding chapel,kids playground and miniature golf.all in a perfect setting.We plan to go back to the area for another trip.the fact that the town is 350 people and this resturant serves 1000 meals a day says something for the small towns of america.
The food was so good.the special of the day was steak salad.
Enough for 3 meals that I enjoyed at lunch while we were there and that evening and the next day as we traveled.Tom enjoyed his big burger and homemade potato chips.
They brought the drinks and bread first

This was the view from our table.

A view of the water fall.

Well enough for today.If you are ever in or around Grand Rapids, Kentucky stop for a meal it is one you will remember.It was really one of the high lights of our trip.
have a great day

June 2, 2009

Vacation / thank God

Thank God.

We survived our trip to Florida.I had hoped it would be relaxing. It was in some ways , not in others. I have never been a good traveler and I surprised myself and DH.The motor home makes all the difference.It was very enjoyable riding.We arrived on time for which we were very thankful.
The graduation was wonderful.The rain held off and the night was perfect.A nice breeze and not a lot of bugs.
I don't have pictures of the graduate until DS sends them.He has a more powerful camera and got good pictures.We were far up in the stands.
The graduation dinner was held at a place called the shrimp boat.I think it is in Panama City.There are several small towns around.
It was a very nice restaurant.Looked like a boat on the water.Folks eat a lot later,in Florida than we do in Iowa.I knew to eat at my regular time, before we went to eat, around 5:30 so I was not really hungry when we were at the restaurant.I ordered the million dollar baked potato.It was delirious. A very large baked potato with sour cream and bacon then cheese,put under the broiler until cheese was melted.Others had fish or prime rib.I had a taste of the prime rib and it was perfect.

Josh is going on to college there in Panama City.This summer he will go on a cruise,spend time with his mom in Arkansas and work.
Sheridan and I shopped for material and we made her an apron which she wore when we made home made noodles.
There is a fantastic fabric shop in Panama City.Quilting by the Bay.Of course I had to leave there with several shopping bags.I am anxious to start making the things I bought the fabrics and patterns to make.Aprons are going to be the hand made Christmas gifts this year.

We had trouble on the way down with the RV.It was very stressful for both of us not knowing what was making the tapping noise.It is not a good feeling thinking we may be stranded along the road at any time.We kept the speed down and that kept the tapping noise at a minimum.After getting to Panama City we tried 3 places to get it repaired with no luck.The last place assured us they could fix it and ordered the parts to repair the cv joint and brakes. All the parts came and were wrong--------- so they put it back together and sent us on our way to the tune of $500.Dh is very mecanical and will do the repairs before we go out again.He said it is not a big deal but it sure seemed like it when we were 1100 miles from home.We think we have figured out all the things that went wrong and are confident we will take another trip.
We really did have a good trip even with the stress.We both liked the convience of the motor home and the gas mileage with this unit was great.There are places we went through we want to go back to visit.Especially in Kentucky.A place called Patti's 1880's settelment.I will blog about that later.
We were without our wheels for all of our visit except the last afternoon when we went to the beach.
Our son drove us around.That was ok but we had planned on doing site seeing on our own.It was hard when he asked where we wanted to go because we really did not know.

Gulf world was one of our day trips.It was really super.
We saw a diving show,

a dolphin show,

a magic show,a bird show

and a sea lion show.It was well worth the $22 they charged.

They put drops in the eyes of the sea lion while we were in the lion area outside of the show area.

The next trip will not be to visit family.We just want to do some site seeing.
I need to get things done here at home so I will sign off for today.More about out trip in the next blog.